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Historical Fiction Writing

A practical guide and tool-kit is now available.

"This 'how to' book is 'functional and activity based', and is illustrated with useful and fascinating tips."

ISBN: 978-0-9567654-0-6

Recommended UK Price: £9.99

This is a practical guide and tool-kit with contributions from Professor Bernard Knight, and tips from over 50 professional historical novelists and experts in the fields of publishing, research and literature including Edmund Bohan, Barbara Cleverly, Bernard Cornwell, Lindsey Davis, Carola Dunn, Ariana Franklin,Tess Gerritsen, Susanna Gregory, Lilian Harry,C.C. Humphreys, Jane Jackson, Michael Jecks, Karen Maitland, Professor Glen Phillips, Harry Sidebottom, Julian Stockwin, Frank Tallis, Andrew Taylor,

E.V. Thompson, Nicola Thorne and Jacqueline Winspear.