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Body in the Library


Excellent! Really Worthwhile!

When is the next one?

Mr. Thompson (Devon)




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1941- Plymouth at War – The Blitz –Feedback

“A totally new venture fo rme as I normally take part in poetry workshops. Most stimulating and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the morning. “(PamelaTH)

“Thank you for a truly enjoyable and fascinating workshop. I can’t wait to complete the short story you inspired.” (Anita M.)

“Excellent with a thoroughly accomplished, enthusiastic course

leader who had an absolute grip on her subject.” (Alan G.)


Celebrating Historical Fiction Writing Workshop -Transforming Exeter’s history into fiction on -Feedback

“5 star session!! Absolutely superb. Highly motivating. Lots of great ideas, suggestions and inspiration.

Thanks so much.” (Marcus B.)

"Brilliant! Great Advice. Please can we have more.” (Trevor W.)

“Really interesting and good fun.” (C.S.)

“Learned a great deal and very much enjoyed the workshop. It was very well structured for a novice (me).

Thank you.”(Adrienne)



Body in the Library


"Fantastic! Carry on with the workshops!"

(L. Sharland,workshop participant)


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