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Writing for Children –Adult workshop 2012 at Ivybridge Library- Feedback  

·         “Great Workshop fun and informative! Would love to take part in further workshops.”(T. I.)

·         “Vanni is excellent. This is the second workshop I have attended and she is clearly skilled in multiple genres. This was well planned and well executed.”(N.T.)

·         “Great activities, interesting points and references.” M.M.


·         “Excellent work shop, lots to think about.” (K.W.)


·         “Really enjoyable, another success!” E.T.


·         “An inspiring and informative workshop, thanks. Vanni is passionate and made the subject accessible and interesting. Glad to have a handout. I am leaving feeling inspires and hopefully energised! “(J.C)





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 "I learned more than I ever could dream of, and I enjoyed every minute of the time we spent together."


Marit Christina Lie, Norwegian television journalist.Marit Christina Lie worked on her exciting children's writing project in a series of individual day writing sessions mentored by Myfanwy in 2011.