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Community Anthologies:

The publication of 6 community anthologies of poetry

and prose based on community based projects since

2000 e.g. 2008 – Poetry inthe Pews includes 1,063

entries from over 10 different countries.

The Waterloo Anthology (April,2011) raising funds

 for project Hougoumont contains entries from th UK,

 Germany and Belgium.



2009: The Devil’s Footprints, Childe the Hunter, Nanny Norris and the Pixies are available to listen to on:







To discuss your project requirements email:

Each project was designed in collaboration with the local community, school, organisation or group. Below are a few examples of recent projects:


  • Run Rabbit 2012 
  • Fast and Furious - Poetry and fun with recycled materials - April 2012


  • "Sheer enjoyment!" (Wendy B.)
  • "How to think and have fun! Would love to do it again!" (T. Seamons)
  • "Really good.  All of it!" (Bridget) 
  • Leaf 2011 (see below)
  • Under the Big Blue Sky from January 2011 - Pixie mask mania at Burrator




·         Battle of Britain, September, 2010,

·         Poetry Marathon, summer 2010, or

·         Winter Poetry Garland, Princetown School, December 2009, Devon County Council Library Service;

·         In the Steps of John Taylor, Poetry Tiles and Penny Token mini-stories (on behalf of the Friends of the Wharf, LEAF and the Royal Society), Autumn 2009

·         Pigmania –piglet poems and tales with a twist for Riverside Creative Projects, Spring 2009; 

·         Poetry of the Planets – Give Us A Word, Community poem, June 2009;

·         From Moor to Valley, 2008 – Dartmoor Seasons, Dartmoor Sounds and The Adder –Naedre;

·         A Wild Bird’s Eye View,(poetry that flies - using kites), summer 2008.




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