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The War to End All Wars



A Short Story Writing Competition
For Adults and Children/Young Adults aged 9-18

 Tavistock Library and Tavistock Arts and Music Festival



An Historical Short Story Competition to commemorate the centenary of the First World War and raise funds for The Friends of Tavistock Library and the Tavistock Arts and Music Festival. 50% of the proceeds from this competition will form the prize fund; the other 50% will be donated to The Friends, where it will used to fund Library events to promote literacy in the Tavistock area.

Theme: A historical short story competition set in the days during, or leading up to, or retrospectively about, the First World War. Stories may be set at the Front, or on the home front. There is no restriction on the writing genre, and entries may be adventure, thriller, sci-fi, time-slip, crime, romance, or any other genre as long as there is reference to the First World War.

Contact Darryl Harrison on 01822 612218 or  for the competion rules.



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"Telling people to do something is easy, but trying to have the courage to try it yourself and experiment with words isn't. You have to accpet that your words won't always do as they are told.  You won't always, if ever produce word changing thoughts.  The best that you can aspire to is to amuse, to entertain and to make people stop and think even if it is only for a few seconds."

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